Hey, folks!  REIGN is looking at switching to Discord for voice and text chatting and replacing Teamspeak with this pretty awesome app.  The program has a ton of cool features to improve your ERP experience.  Seriously, though this is shaping up to be a great program!  Our Teamspeak is still up for the time being.

You can download the Discord app here:

Download Discord

Once you've installed it, use this link to enter the REIGN channel.

REIGN Channel

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RybesMcNasty a posted Feb 26, 16

We have developed a PSA for Black Desert Online's game mechanics, enjoy the same information with a new style...


Rybes McNasty

[Donor] Regnar Miss you sweets! Best video yet. I do like me some squid dick!

REIGN will be gracing the Orwen Server with its presence! 

(Thanks to an issue, we switched to Orwen, Calpheon 2)

As my awesome prior post below stated a bit back, REIGN is now poised and ready to make an impact in Black Desert when it launches. We have established a new/old set of leaders and with that being finished.. I am jacked up on excitement and Mountian Dew. 

I also want to mention that Zanderthan is now one of our Overlords and Co-Leaders for BDO along with Kiteu who is a registered sex offender.

If you are still curious about the game we have at least 20 passes to give out for a 7-day trial but I will note the game lives up to and exceeds the hype. So much that I will no longer be running the SWTOR REIGN, and giving Leadership to a designated Council Member. So if you like very complex, in-depth, and entertaining features.. BDO is for you.

REIGN will be focusing on building another empire in BDO, and have a massive expansion movement that will start early on February 28th. Any questions don't hesitate to ask, any dick pics, don't hesitate to post.. and hope to see some of you ladies in-game. Also, if you are a new REIGN member, TS3 is your friend and will become increasingly more active as BDO launches.. SWTOR doesn't offer a lot of content so many folks are waiting for something to new to play then utilize TS3.

PS: We will be launching an awesome recruiting PSA very shortly, stay tuned and erect.

Your Welcome,

Rybes McNasty

[Donor] Zanderthan a ROFL! Mostly was looking at the black eye and was like "WTF?" until I saw the baby.
ShadowWolfPag heart breaking as it is....i highly doubt i can run it...........and will miss all my fellow gaymo/gayness/gay-dem/ guil...
ShadowWolfPag p.s im yo daddy..........

REIGN Moving Forward

RybesMcNasty a posted Feb 7, 16

So I have been as many know doing a lot of active research into games, from Guild Wars 2 to Blade and Soul and their bouncing anime tits. The one game that I have been looking into recently might be a great way to transpire the stagnant SWTOR atmosphere into something a little more robust. That game is Black Desert Online. When I get bored of MMO's I tend to find the main reason is the lack of content, and user made content is the most crucial thing to me. Black Desert seems to be an open world, no load screen, shitty computers welcome, sandbox MMO that lets you do almost anything. So I will post a little information below and make your own judgement on if it's something you want to try. Either way, I won't be quitting SWTOR but until they release new content my time will be limited to PVP Warzone Groups and buying that new Kylo Ren saber.

Black Desert Page

Unofficial Black Desert Site

Ok, fuck you all and stay erect,

Rybes McNasty

Fur/Dhisheen Hey all, It looks cool i'll try it out aswel
Itachî Me and a couple more people are starting 3 days before launch, let me know if you start reign once the game launches
Amata/Sitira/Aly already bought it.. rybes.. in your face...
Thanks for doing that, Rybes!
annndd let there be light.
yes it is
Is that a wild Abi that has appeared?
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